Possible upcoming shows

We are in the process of scheduling some venues for future show & competition dates. We will keep you posted as we progress. Here are some dates for you to keep in mind:

Othello on May 28, 2021, at a private residence

Reunion show on October 9, 2021 at the Omak PAC

Competition dates for the 2022 Season - Hopefully the Final will be on March 26, 2022 (This date could change if the venue is not available.)

2021 Season Canceled

     Jan. 28, 2021 -  It is with heavy heart that we announce the 17th season of Washington State Nashville Country has been canceled.
     Due to the current COVID climate, vaccination uncertainties and many schools not being in session, it would be nearly impossible to conduct our season as normal.
     “This season is probably not going to happen because, obviously, a lot of work goes into it in February and March, and we’re not able to do it at this time,” founder Ed Lisenbey said.
     We remain optimistic that we will have some shows later this year featuring past Washington State Nashville County Star contestants.
     We thank you for all your patronage over the years and look forward to our spring 2022 competition.

"16 Years of Memories"

May 31, 2020 -  This is a video of some of our best memories and performances from our 16-year-history of the Washington State Nashville Country Star high school singing competition. Most clips are from the competition, some are at venues where our contestants perform after the season is over. Yes, it is long, but how do you squeeze 16 years of memories into a 10-minute video? We hope you enjoy watching. To donate to our program, please click here.

Take a look at some of our past contestants and where they are with their musical careers! Click the "Where are they now" below!

"Nashville Christmas Spectacular"

Dec. 19, 2020 - Join us for a “Nashville Christmas Spectacular!” Grab a cup of hot chocolate and join us for the next hour as we enjoy holiday performance by
Anya Grimm, Isaac Gambito, Sarah Bradshaw and Gavin Boggs, Christina Herrick, Arthur Keast, Natalie Johnson and Chris Collier, Melanie McAllister, Owen Fox, Emily and Zarah Johnson, Marija Bosnar, Tiahnna McAllister, and
Brock Hires. To donate to our program, please click here.

"Nashville Now" - A virtual concert

May 30, 2020 -  Join us for original country music featuring performances by Dakota Neuman, Maile Mae, Natalie Johnson, Charlie Green, Audre Belt, Kiana Kendall, Zarah Johnson, Hannah Nichole and Audrey Collins! Hosted by Brock Hires. To contact any of the artists featured in the Nashville Now broadcast, click here.